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Oh, Kelly

Oh, Kelly
When I first met you by the shellies
You were showin' off your belly
Makin' me say "whoa nelly!"

You make me wanna get silly
But just watch out for your brother billy
If he finds out he's gonna wanna kill me
Then we'll be running willie nillie (sp?)
Then I might not have my Kelly

Whoa, Kelly, gonna call you on the tellie
Pick you up somethin' nice from the deli
With extra mozzarelli
Hold the grape jelly
One more verse for Kelly
I hope you like this melody
I wrote it in a major key
I wrote it all for Kelly

Kelly can't you see, you'd do anything for me
And you know that it's true, I'd do any little thing for you?
Kelly don't you know, about the places that we'll go
And the things we'll see, cause the world's full of things to do?
So hop in the car and keep driving west
We won't stop until we get married in Vegas
(to you!)

It's a real good thing we got -- I got a real good thing with you