Rearview Minor is a project I've cultivated over the past year or so, with help from a bunch of friends. It started as a couple of songs I just recorded for fun, but has turned into a 10 song album with about 6 or 7 b-sides spanning various styles of rock.

The name "Rearview Minor" was formed in much the same manner as some of the songs: Through a combination of bonus time and the energy that comes from the euphora of friends recently reunited, as much more appearance of substance and meaning is apparent than is actually there. But its not all smoke and mirrors. "Rearview Minor" has prophetically come to symbolize the childhood nostalgia embodied by these songs, from old southern jig to pirate anthem to traditional irish pub sing-a-long; looking back to the pre-adulthood days when everything seemed possible, and responsibility was as transparent as the bottom of the glass at the end of the night.

Aside from myself the album includes (in decending order of importance) Pat McKeehan on acoustic guitar and vocals, The Ganesh String Quartet (Natasha Makhijani, Shaina Evoniuk, Leanne Dammann Maitland, and Anne Berry), Ryan Hoffman, Daddy Precise, Ty Washington, Lila Clark, Terrence "Big T" Brown (from The Pocket) and last and least, Pete Haist.


I hope this is an album that you can sink into as i do into the great ones like "Dark Side of the Moon", "Kid A", "Kezia", and "Throwing Copper" just to name a few. Speaking of which, it is time to mention my influences. My biggest influence has been Ween, not so much for the way they sound but more for the variety of music that that mentally flatulant duo can concoct. They showed me that it is perfectly accepteble (if only to an open-minded minority) to not only vastly vary the style of music on a particular album but to blur the line between emulation and ridicule as well.

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